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Society gearing up for INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics


Jack Levis

Jack Levis

By Jack Levis

Officers of the Analytics Society of INFORMS are looking forward to seeing Society members at the 2018 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research, April 15-17, in Baltimore. Please come by and say hello. Just as important, encourage others to join the society of more than 1,800 analytics professionals.

At the conference we will showcase our Innovative Applications in Analytics Award and the Syngenta Crop Challenge. I’m looking forward to meeting the participants at a breakfast hosted by the society. Analytics Society members are welcome to attend the breakfast event, but an RSVP is needed. Please log into INFORMS Connect and respond to the appropriate thread.

Speaking of Connect, a number of thought-provoking threads have been started there. I believe our membership can help each other by responding to the threads and asking additional creative questions. I enjoy that collaboration, and it shows the power of our members.

We feel our members’ power can also be shown through the creation of regional meetings. We have done this in Chicago and a meeting is planned later this year in the Pacific Northwest. Be on the lookout for information about that event.

These events are coordinated by both INFORMS and the Analytics Society to provide more avenues for collaboration and information sharing. We are working on creating additional conferences, and if anyone wants to organize one, please contact me.

A thank you to all who have contributed to our efforts. Let’s give each other high fives in Baltimore.

Jack Levis is president of the Analytics Society of INFORMS.

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2018 INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research
April 15-17, 2018, Baltimore


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