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‘Watson,’ WellPoint team up to improve patient care

WellPoint, Inc. and IBM announced an agreement to create the first commercial applications of the IBM Watson technology. Under the agreement, WellPoint will develop and launch Watson-based solutions to help improve patient care through the delivery of up-to-date, evidence-based health care for millions of Americans.

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Top 17 U.S. hospitals rely on Monarch Report Analytics from Datawatch

Datawatch Corporation’s Monarch Report Analytics platform is used by the nation’s top 17 hospitals to make more informed, data-driven financial, clinical and operational decisions. U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the top 17 hospitals in the United States that demonstrate unusually high expertise across multiple specialties.

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Survey: Business analytics pervasive, effective on a global scale

Business analytics has been effective in decision-making for three of four enterprises, according to a Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services survey sponsored by SAS. These organizations have benefited from increased profitability, reduced cost, improved risk management, process optimization, faster decision making or critical performance improvements.

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Cable & Wireless Communications revolutionizing business analytics with MediationZone and Cloud technology

Performing business analytics tasks that would normally require thousands of dollars in investment can now be done for just a few cents. Those are the findings in a recent briefing paper from Cable & Wireless Communications.

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Rutgers University offers online mini-MBA Web Analytics program

The Rutgers Center for Management Development (CMD) is offering an Online Mini-MBA: Web Analytics Program starting Oct. 17 and running through Dec. 19. The 10-week online faculty-led program includes videos, faculty-evaluated exercises, section quizzes, plus a final project and exam.

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Big data infographic

  Big data infographic

A team from recently took a look at data statistics and created an infographic to demonstrate just how much data is generated in the world. The graphic depicts the explosive growth rate of data over the past 24 years, from 100GB per a day back in 1992 to a whopping 28,875GB per second in 2013. This number is expected to grow to 50,000GB per second by 2018.

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Nationwide Building Society creates strategic risk infrastructure with FICO business rules system

FICO, the leading provider of analytics and decision management technology, announced that Nationwide Building Society, the world’s largest building society, has selected FICO Blaze Advisor business rules management system for its Strategic Risk Infrastructure initiative.

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Smart grid ‘data tsunami’ drives opportunities in utility industry

The deployment of smart meters and other communication nodes within the electricity grid distribution network is generating a wave of new information that many in the utility industry have referred to as a “data tsunami.” This highly granular, real-time information on electricity consumption and grid operations can be highly useful for utilities….

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IBM, Wharton School launch Chief Marketing Officer program

IBM recently announced a partnership with the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to deliver a first-of-a-kind executive education program for Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) and Chief Customer Officers (CCOs). The two-week course, titled “The CMO Advantage: Evolving Beyond the Digital Revolution,” will explore the increasing importance of the CMO in the C-Suite. The intersection of marketing and technology in today’s marketplace presents a unique opportunity for senior business leaders, such as the CMO, to drive innovation, enhance influence and deepen customer engagement.

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‘Clumpiness’ more profitable than traditional marketing segments

  ‘Clumpiness’ more profitable than traditional marketing segments

Marketing managers traditionally segment customers by three summary measures (also known as the RFM model): recency (the period of time since their last visit), frequency (how often they visit) and monetary value (how much they spend on a visit). However, a new study published in the INFORMS journal Marketing Science shows that, in contrast to traditional market segmentation, one based on “binge consumption” brings a higher long-term return to business.

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Electoral College put to the math test

With the campaign two months behind us and the inauguration of Donald Trump two days away, isn’t it time to put the 2016 U.S. presidential election to bed and focus on issues that have yet to be decided? Of course not.


SAS, IVMF team up to help veterans transition to analytics careers

Employers from every industry are clamoring for people with analytics skills to help them turn data into meaningful information to make better decisions. Military veterans and family members can pursue the hottest careers today, thanks to a collaboration between the Institute for Veterans and Military Families (IVMF) and analytics provider SAS. Read more →

Lehigh Univ., Pennsylvania Department of Corrections win Wagner Prize

Nearly 100 unique factors have to be considered during the complicated task of assigning inmates to any of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections’ 25 facilities. What once took seven employees nearly a week to accomplish can now be completed in less than 10 minutes at an expected savings of nearly $3 million, thanks to an algorithm created by a team of Lehigh University students and professors and the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Read more →



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