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INFORMS salutes Certified Analytics Professionals

The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS) congratulates the 49 Certified Analytics Professionals who successfully passed the Institute’s CAP® exam earlier this year. Upcoming exam dates and sites include: Oct. 3 (Boston), Oct. 5 (Minneapolis), Nov. 6 (San Francisco), Nov. 12 (New York) and Dec. 12 (Toronto).

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Prestigious Analytics Certification Board named

An independent and prestigious Analytics Certification Board (ACB) has been appointed by the INFORMS Board of Directors, further signaling the staying power of this new credential and the wide support for it by industry luminaries.

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INFORMS president speaks to Information Week about CAP®

In a recent interview with Jeff Bertolucci of Information Week, INFORMS President Anne Robinson explains how the CAP® certification helps employers know that the data scientist they just hired has all the skills they purport to have, and not just math and computer skills, but also the softer communications skills so critical to this role.

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Electoral College put to the math test

With the campaign two months behind us and the inauguration of Donald Trump two days away, isn’t it time to put the 2016 U.S. presidential election to bed and focus on issues that have yet to be decided? Of course not.



Study: Salaries for early career data scientists decrease for first time

Salaries for early career data scientists decreased year over year for the first time in four years as did the percentage of early career data scientists with a Ph.D. while demand for data scientists continued to increase, according to a recently released Burtch Works’ 2017 salary study of data scientists. Salaries for more experienced data scientists generally held steady or increased slightly depending on an individual’s focus area, responsibility and geographic base, according to the report. Read more →

Generous health insurance plans encourage overtreatment, but may not improve health

Offering comprehensive health insurance plans with low deductibles and co-pay in exchange for higher annual premiums seems like a good value for the risk averse, and a profitable product for insurance companies. But according to a forthcoming study in a leading scholarly marketing journal, the INFORMS journal Marketing Science, such plans can encourage individuals with chronic conditions to turn to needlessly expensive treatments that have little impact on their health outcomes. This in turn raises costs for the insurer and future prices for the insured. Read more →




2017 INFORMS Healthcare Conference
July 26-28, 2017, Rotterdam, the Netherlands


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