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Learning Resources: INFORMS’ Library of Audio and Video Presentations

September/October 2010

Barry ListBy Barry List


Gain insights from experts on how math, analytics, and operations research affect organizations like yours in these succinct 20-30 minute podcasts conducted by INFORMS Director of Communications Barry List (photo).

Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman and Analytics Champion

Recorded July 21, 2010

Ed Kaplan, Yale University
Terror Queues

Recorded July 9, 2010

Andy Boyd, University of Houston
Pricing and Gumballs in Airline Reservations

Recorded June 24, 2010

Mary Benner, Wharton School
Do Financial Analysts Sabotage New Product Innovation

Recorded June 11, 2010

David Alderson, Naval Postgraduate School
Danger: Infrastructure Under Attack

Recorded May 28, 2010

Peter Kolesar, Columbia University
Ending the Water War Surrounding New York’s Reservoir

Recorded May 14, 2010

Eva K. Lee, Georgia Tech
Analytics Goes to War – Against Cancer

Recorded April 30, 2010

Warren Lieberman & Michael Raskin
Forecasting Consumer Behavior

Recorded April 8, 2010

Michael Schrage, MIT
Experimenting at the Workplace

Recorded March 19, 2010

Arnold Barnett, MIT
How safe are our airports?

Recorded March 4, 2010

Brian Lewis, Vanguard Software
Advice to Execs on Working with Operations Researchers

Recorded Feb. 18, 2010

Mary Grace Crissey, SAS
The Nitti-Gritty of Working with O.R. Providers

Recorded Feb. 5, 2010

Dina Mayzlin, Yale University & David Godes, University of Maryland
Word of Mouth Marketing

Recorded Jan. 22, 2010

Pinar Keskinocak & Julie Swann, Georgia Tech
Haiti: Humanitarian Logistics

Recorded Jan. 14, 2010

Doug Samuelson, Infologix
Winning Elections with O.R.

Recorded Jan. 12, 2010

Ron Howard, Stanford University
Master Decider

Recorded Dec. 18, 2009

John Sterman, MIT
Climate Change: On to Copenhagen

Recorded Dec. 4, 2009

Anna Nagurney, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Supernetworks: Building Better Real and Virtual Highways

Recorded Nov. 6, 2009

Sam L. Savage, Stanford University
The Flaw of Averages

Recorded Nov. 6, 2009

James J. Cochran, Louisiana Tech
Running the Numbers in Time for the World Series

Recorded Oct. 23, 2009

Tom Davenport, Babson College
Competing on Analytics

Recorded Sept. 22, 2009

Sheldon H. Jacobson, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Emergency! Pandemic

Recorded Sept. 5, 2009

Rob Pratt, Ivan Oliveira, SAS;
Chuck Delaney, Wake County Public School System

The perils of success: one school district’s answer in the numbers

Recorded Aug. 14, 2009

Lawrence Wein, Stanford University
Troublemaker or Trusted Advisor?

Recorded Aug. 7, 2009


View these on-demand presentations, complete with slides, from INFORMS renowned meetings and conferences. They will inspire and help you navigate changes in the marketplace, develop strategies for excellence in operations research and analytics, and manage your practice or career.

Annual Meeting 2009

Richard O’NeillRichard O’Neill

Plenary Presentation:
Richard O’Neill,
Federal Energy Regulation Commission

Better Smarter Electricity Markets: Efficiently Capturing Wind, Rain and Fire

Chritopher S. Tang
Christopher S. Tang

Keynote Presentation:
Christopher S. Tang, UCLA
Anderson School of Management

Supply Chain Risk Management: Developing a Research Agenda

2009 Wagner Prize Presentations:
Hugo Simao, Princeton University,
and Ted Gifford, Schneider National

Approximate Dynamic Programming Captures Fleet Operations for Schneider National

Horst Zisgen, IBM Deutschland Research and Development GmbH
and Steven M. Brown, IBM Systems and Technology Group

A Queuing Model-Based System for Semiconductor Production Planning at IBM

Michael Gorman, University of Dayton
Hub Group Implements a Suite of OR Tools to Improve its Operations


Karl Kempf

Karl Kempf, Intel Corporation,
and S. David Wu, Lehigh University

Extending Bass for Improved New Product Forecasting at Intel

Hernan Abeledo, The George Washington University
Optimizing Helicopter Transport of Oil Rig Crews at Petrobras

Practice Conference 2010

Hector Anaya

2010 Edelman Award Presentations:
Hector Anaya,INDEVAL,
Jaime Villasenor, INDEVAL,
Francisco Solis, Banco de Mexico,
Miguel de Lascurain, ITAM,
and Arturo Palacios, INDEVAL

INDEVAL Develops a New Operating and Settlement System Using Operations Research

Robert Tudor, Delaware River Basin Commission,
James Serio, The Delaware River Foundation,
and Peter Kolesar, Columbia University

Delaware River Basin Commission – Breaking the Deadlock: Improving Water Release Policies on the Delaware River through Operations Research

Lori Folts, Deutsche Post DHL,
Marc Fischer, University of Passau,
and Tjark Freundt, McKinsey & Company

Deutsche Post DHL – Managing Global Brand Investments at DHL

Dale Wilson, New Brunswick DoT,
Kim Mathisen, New Brunswick DoT,
Ugo Feunekes, Remsoft,
and John MacNaughton, New Brunswick DoT

New Brunswick (Canada) Dept. of Transportation – Taking the Politics out of Paving: Achieving Transportation Asset Management through O.R.

Daniel Myers, Proctor & Gamble,
Glenn Wegryn, Proctor & Gamble,
William Tarlton, Proctor & Gamble,
and Sean Willems, Boston University

Inventory Optimization at Proctor & Gamble: Achieving Real Benefits Through User Adoption of Inventory Tools

Hylton Robinson, Sasol Technology,
Marlize Meyer, Sasol Technology,
Michele Fisher, Sasol Technology,
and Willem Louw, Sasol Technology

Sasol – Innovative Decision Support in a Petrochemical Production Environment

Interview with Admiral Mike Mullen

Admiral Mike Mullen,
Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Chairman and Analytics Champion

(video companion to podcast)
July 21, 2010



Using machine learning and optimization to improve refugee integration

Andrew C. Trapp, a professor at the Foisie Business School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), received a $320,000 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to develop a computational tool to help humanitarian aid organizations significantly improve refugees’ chances of successfully resettling and integrating into a new country. Built upon ongoing work with an international team of computer scientists and economists, the tool integrates machine learning and optimization algorithms, along with complex computation of data, to match refugees to communities where they will find appropriate resources, including employment opportunities. Read more →

Gartner releases Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 rankings

Gartner, Inc. has released its 10th annual Healthcare Supply Chain Top 25 ranking. The rankings recognize organizations across the healthcare value chain that demonstrate leadership in improving human life at sustainable costs. “Healthcare supply chains today face a multitude of challenges: increasing cost pressures and patient expectations, as well as the need to keep up with rapid technology advancement, to name just a few,” says Stephen Meyer, senior director at Gartner. Read more →

Meet CIMON, the first AI-powered astronaut assistant

CIMON, the world’s first artificial intelligence-enabled astronaut assistant, made its debut aboard the International Space Station. The ISS’s newest crew member, developed and built in Germany, was called into action on Nov. 15 with the command, “Wake up, CIMON!,” by German ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst, who has been living and working on the ISS since June 8. Read more →



INFORMS Computing Society Conference
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INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics & Operations Research
April 14-16, 2019; Austin, Texas

INFORMS International Conference
June 9-12, 2019; Cancun, Mexico

INFORMS Marketing Science Conference
June 20-22; Rome, Italy

INFORMS Applied Probability Conference
July 2-4, 2019; Brisbane, Australia

INFORMS Healthcare Conference
July 27-29, 2019; Boston, Mass.

2019 INFORMS Annual Meeting
Oct. 20-23, 2019; Seattle, Wash.

Winter Simulation Conference
Dec. 8-11, 2019: National Harbor, Md.


Advancing the Analytics-Driven Organization
Jan. 28–31, 2019, 1 p.m.– 5 p.m. (live online)


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