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Analytics Society seeks volunteers to fill leadership roles

By Erick Wikum

INFORMS staff members are extremely capable and willing to help, but it takes the time and effort of volunteers like you and me to make the Analytics Society of INFORMS successful.

The society, which was founded seven years ago as a “section,” now boasts a membership of 1,800 and a growing agenda to provide value to its members. To support that agenda, the society is seeking volunteers to fill the leadership roles described below. By volunteering, you will not only serve the society’s members, but also expand your network and prepare yourself for additional leadership opportunities by gaining knowledge of the Society’s inner workings. More detailed role descriptions are available upon request. Contact society Vice President Erick Wikum ( for more information or to express interest.

Awards coordinator: The Analytics Society sponsors two awards: the Caterpillar Innovative Applications in Analytics Award (IAAA) and the Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics Award. The awards coordinator facilitates communication between each award’s chair and sponsors, INFORMS staff and society leaders. The coordinator helps recruit judges and coaches, assists in announcing the competitions, finalists and winners, handles logistics and recognition of winners, judges and coaches, and coordinates review of competition papers for possible publication.

Meetings coordinator: The Analytics Society is pursuing an initiative to sponsor one-day, regional analytics meetings in various locations. The meetings coordinator serves as a liaison between the society’s leadership, regional chapters, local organizers and INFORMS staff. The coordinator offers assistance as needed to ensure that each meeting is planned and executed well.

Caterpillar IAAA chair-in-training: The chair-in-training shadows the chair of the IAAA chair and participates on the IAAA judging panel. The chair-in-training assumes responsibility for chairing IAAA upon completion of the current chair’s term.

Syngenta Crop Challenge in Analytics Award Chair-in-Training: The chair-in-training’s role is similar to that of the IAAA chair-in-training. Familiarity with agricultural applications is highly desirable.

Historian: The historian is responsible for creating and executing a plan to document the history of the Analytics Society. The plan might include documenting key milestones and initiatives in the formation and evolution of the society, listing society leaders and conducting interviews to gain context.

Erick Wikum is vice president of the Analytics Society of INFORMS.

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