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Analytic Solver Platform offers Excel users a total solution for predictive and prescriptive Analytics

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In January 2013, Frontline Systems is expected to begin shipping Version 12.5 of its Solvers for Excel, including a new flagship integrated product, Analytic Solver Platform. V12.5 also includes new versions of Risk Solver Platform, the leading tool for simulation risk analysis, conventional and stochastic optimization in Excel; subsets Premium Solver Platform, Premium Solver Pro and Risk Solver Pro; and XLMiner, the leading data mining add-in for Microsoft Excel. Analytic Solver Platform integrates all the capabilities of all these products, and adds new features such as visual data exploration and data mining methods applied to Monte Carlo simulation trial data.

“Our tagline for Analytic Solver Platform is ‘no-compromise analytics in Excel’,” says Daniel Fylstra, Frontline’s President and CEO. “Users enjoy the ease of use of Excel, and leverage their spreadsheet model-building experience, but they don’t compromise at all on functionality or performance.”

Analytic Solver Platform incorporates many of the most powerful algorithms for optimization, simulation and data mining available, and exploits new technology in CPUs, GPUs and cloud servers to a greater degree than “enterprise analytics software” costing five to 10 times more.

Frontline’s Solvers for Excel are upward compatible from the Solver included in Excel, which Frontline developed for Microsoft, and improved in Excel 2010 for Windows and Excel 2011 for Macintosh. Users can solve problems hundreds to thousands of times larger than the basic Excel Solver, at speeds anywhere from several times to hundreds of times faster, and they can solve completely new types of problems. Frontline’s Solvers V12.5 work with Excel 2007, Excel 2010 and Excel 2013, which recently became available to Microsoft’s corporate customers and will be available at the retail level in early 2013.

Analytic Solver Platform is the first software to bring the power of data mining and visual data exploration to the analysis of Monte Carlo simulation trial data. Frontline’s and other vendors’ Monte Carlo software has offered histograms, tornado charts and descriptive statistics summarizing simulation results, but they’ve had only limited visualization for multivariate data, and aside from basic sensitivity analysis, they have lacked tools to discover patterns in simulation data. This has changed in Analytic Solver Platform, which makes all the data visualization and algorithmic tools of XLMiner available for analysis of simulation trial data placed on a worksheet.

The algorithmic methods in Analytic Solver Platform represent “rocket science” for many users, who want to gain business advantage from these methods, but may be unsure whether they can learn and make effective use of this power. For years, Frontline Solvers have offered uniquely helpful features such as a Distribution Wizard, Constraint Wizard and Guided Mode for optimization, but Analytic Solver Platform goes even further – bringing “Active Support” for analytics directly into Microsoft Excel.

Frontline Systems, Inc. ( is a leading developer of optimization and simulation software, and the leader in spreadsheet-based software for both conventional and stochastic optimization.


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